AZ-007 (Staccato zaleplon)

AZ-007 (Staccato zaleplon) for Middle of the Night Awakening

Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep disorder, which affects at least 15% to 20% of the United States population, with some estimates of up to 50% of Americans reporting difficulty getting a good night’s sleep at least a few nights a week. Insomnia can be due to a variety of causes, including depression, grief or stress, menopause, age, shift work, or environmental disruption. Whatever the cause of insomnia, it can take its toll on both the afflicted and the non-afflicted. Sleep disturbances have a major negative impact on public health and economic productivity.

Although benzodiazepines have been the clinical standard in treatment for sleep disorders for decades, issues with drug misuse and dependency are common and concerning. Other current treatments for insomnia include non-benzodiazepine GABA-A receptor agonists, which include zolpidem, both immediate release and controlled-release tablets, zaleplon, and eszopiclone, which have less abuse potential and fewer side effects than classical benzodiazepines and can be used for longer term treatment. Patients and physicians surveyed in market research suggest that current oral forms of these leading insomnia medications can take from 30-60 minutes to work, while promotions for insomnia medications cite 20-30 minutes. Compounds with a longer half-life keep patients asleep longer and if dosed in the middle of the night, can have residual side effects that can cause a “hangover” feeling the next day.

AZ-007 is being developed for the treatment of insomnia in patients who have difficulty falling asleep, including those patients with middle of the night awakening who have difficulty falling back asleep (MOTN).

Alexza believes the opportunity in insomnia is for a product which achieves a balance in treating patients so they can fall asleep quickly, whether at bedtime or in the middle of the night, while enabling them to function well the next day without a groggy feeling that can impact driving, employment or leisure activities. There is a potentially large clinical need for a product which has the potential to lead to rapid and predictable onset of sleep in patients with insomnia, coupled with a predictable duration of sleep and rapid, clear awakening that has the potential to be satisfied by AZ-007.

Alexza has completed Phase 1 testing for AZ-007. In the Phase 1 study, AZ-007 delivered an IV-like pharmacokinetic profile with a median time to peak drug concentration of 1.6 minutes. Pharmacodynamics, measured as sedation assessed on a 100 mm visual- analog scale, showed onset of effect as early as 2 minutes after dosing.

Alexza owns full development and commercial rights to AZ-007.

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